27. April,2014

TEAM SLOvakia wins tournament against Kiruna IF

Team Slovakia Oldboys defeats swedish Team Kiruna IF Oldtimers in a very fast and intesed game 7:4 (2:2; 3:0;2:2). The slovakians took revange for the lost game in the first round successfully. After a tied first perioud the slovakian Oldstars scored some very fine goals in the second period. The swedish team fighted back at the end but was not able to get closer than two goals anymore.

Awarded for best player of the tournamet was Marek Uram (SVK) who also won the scoring list with 9 goals and 5 Assist.

The game for third place was a clear issue as Team Bavaria defeated a tired team from Färjestad 10:2 (2:0;4:1;4:1).

Game for 5th place between Carinthian Mixed Dragons and Danube Oldstars was very tight from the begin and ended 7:7 after a penaltyshot 1,4 seconds before finish was given to Carinthian Mixed Dragnons and enabled defender Ruedi Nideröst (SUI) to score. The penalty-shootout was won by Carinthian Mixed Dragons. Game result 8:7 (1:2;3:0;3:5;1:0) n.P.

26. April, 2014

semifinalgames with interesting results

The first semi-final game between the winning team of group A Team Bavaria vs. 2nd place team of group B Team Slovakia ended 3:7 for the strong playing slovakian Oldboys. The swedish derby between Kiruna IF Oldtimers (winner group B) vs. Färjestad BK Oldboys ended 3:2 for the north swedish players. So we can expect an interesting battle vor the tournament trophy between 2012 winner Team Slovakia Oldboys and swedish challanger Kiruna IF Oldtimers tomorrow at 1 pm.

25. April, 2014

surprising results on first gameday

The first gameday ends with two surprising results. Swedish Kiruna IF Oldtimers defeats tournament favorite Team Slovakia Oldboys 6:4 and german Team Bavaria defeats defending champion Färjestad BK Oldboys (SWE) in a penalty shootout 3:2. Also surprisingly close was the game between Kiruna IF Oldtimers vs. Danube Oldstars, but the swedish team finaly won 5:3. The fourth game of the day between Färjestad BK Oldboys vs. Carinthian Mixed Dragons (AUT/SUI) ended as prospected 8:4.

21. April, 2014

The last team has mailed its rooster

Team Carinthian Mixed Dragons has mailed its preliminayr team rooster. Well known friends like austrian national team players Günter Koren, Patrick Pilloni or Peter Kasper will be reinforced by former internationals like Tomaz Vnuk (SLO) oder Ruedi Nideröst (SUI). Still open is the very important position of the goaltender. The team management promised a surprise player.

16. April, 2014

TEAM danube old stars lineup

The new formed teams DANUBE OLD STARS is a mixture of the last years surprising team Steaua Bukarest (ROM) and the Vienna Veterans who had problems to form a competitive team last year. So you will find there some familiar names like austrians former national team captain Manfred Mühr or tournament promoter Martin Platzer as well as former Vienna Capital fan favorite Yuri Tsurenkov (RUS) or romanian record national team player Andre Nutu.

14. April, 2014


Last years runner up and winner of the first International tournament of hockey legends, 2012, Team Slovakia seems to be highly motivated to clarify last years final game result and brings seven former slovakian Internationals to Vienna. With Ivan Droppa there is also a player with NHL-experience (Chicago Blackhawks) in this high quality team. But also Jan Pardavy for example is very well known as player in the swedish extra league (Djugarden, Modo), the Siim Liga (HFK Helsinki) and russian KHL (Yaroslavl) , as well as former Nationalteam player Marek Uram, who played successfully in the EBEL with Znojmo only two seasons ago.

9. April, 2014

TEam BAvaria with final lineup

The team from Germany has filled up the four missing spots in their lineup. Teamcaptain Tobias Abstreiter was able to engage the two former german national team players Bernd Wagner und Thomas Martinec. The team runs up now with nine german national team players, added by six more players with long DEL-experience. So Team Bavaria will certainly be one of the top favorites for this years tournament.

24. March, 2014

SWEDISH TEAM KIruna IF with 3 former nationalteam players

Northswedish Team Kiruna IF  competes the first time to the 'international tournament of hockey legends' this year.The team will show up with the tree former Nationalteam Players Lars Karlsson, Roger Kyrö und Osmo Soutokorva and another seven players with experience in the swedish eliteliga. Drawn into the pool with Team Slovakia and Vienna Veterans it signalizes an interesting battle for the semi-final games.

March 20, 2014

Färjestad BK Oldboys again with top Line up

The defending champion seems to take it very serious again this year. Lead by the two IIHF hall of famer Thomas Rundqvist and Bengt-Ake Gustafsson, last years MVP and Top-scorer Jonas Höglund, and Stanley Cup winner Kjell Dahlin the stars from Karlstadt formed a team of 7 former swedish nationalteam players and more then 1.000 NHL-appearences

FEBRUARY 20, 2014

the lineup of our new tournamentpartner 'team bavaria' makes good reading with seven german internationals

In the Lineup of our latest tournament participant 'Team Bavaria' You can find seven former german nationalteam players.

Lead by Jürgen Rumrich (76 games for germany), Tobias Abstreiter (45) and Andreas Loth (31) Team Bavaria offers a high offensive level of the game. As well as the rest of the lineup is composed of experienced former DEL players promising well skilled hockey. Looks like the number of favorites for the 3rd international tournament of hockey legends extends




February 10, 2014

6 teams have confirmed the participation at the 3rd 'International tournament of hockey legends', vienna

10 weeks before the 3rd international tournament of hockey legends will start, 6 teams have confirmed their participation at this exeptional event so far.

Lead by the defending champion Färjestad BK Oldboys (SWE), the most serious challenger might again be the champion 2012, Team Slovakia (SVK).

To debute at the tournament the teams from Kiruna IF (SWE) and Team Bavaria (GER) with a number of former top players are expected to elevate the level of the games this year.

The Carinthian Old Dragons (AUT) will again show up with a strong team of former austrian national team players, as well as the home team of the Vienna Veterans (AUT) that decided to upgrade their lineup with friends from last years surprising team Steaua Bukarest (ROM) and guest players from other Austrian teams. 

There are still nominations open from one team from finland and one team from switzerland. Lets see what comes up.





January 24, 2013

Färjestad BK Oldboys new champion of the 'International tournament of hockey legends', vienna

Färjestad BK Oldboys beatTeam Slovakia 9:2 in a thrilling final.

In a very intensed game on high technical level auf hohem the team of Färjestad took revanche for the last years defeat with a confident 9:2 (2:1;3:0;4:1) win against defending champion Team Slovakia.


Game for the third place was won by the Finish Team Ukko Metsot 6:4 (2:0;2:2;2;2) against the surprising Romanians of Steaua Bukarest.

In the game for 5th place  the Carinthian Old Dragons beat Vienna Veterans who had to play way below strength due to some injuries clear with 9:0 (2:0;3:0;4:0).


Awarded Best player of the tournament was swedish NHL Star Jonas Höglund. Höglund was also top-scorer of the tournament with 16 Points (12 goals, 4 assists) in four games.

Please find all statistics at tournament infos/2013.


January 18, 2013

Here are the stars of the 2013 tournament:

Färjestad BK Oldboys (SWE)

Thomas Rundqvist, Jonas Höglund, Magnus Arvedsson, Kjell Dahlin, Magnus Roupe, Peter Ottosson …

Team Slovakia (SVK)

Lubomir Sekeras, Igor Murin, Marian Smerciak, Peter Filip …

Ukko Metsot Jyväskylä (FIN)

Joni Lius, Vesa Ponto, Jyrki Jokinen, Jari Korhonen, Harri Sillgren,…

Carinthian Old Dragons (AUT)

Günter Koren, Peter Kaspar, Patrick Pilloni, Hans Sulzer, Erich Solderer,..

guest player: Claus Dalpiaz, Tobias Abstreiter (GER)

Steaua Bukarest (ROM)

Marius Gliga, Auriel Voican, Geru Catalin, Andrei Nutu, Antal Csaba …

Vienna Veterans (AUT)

Manfred Mühr, Yuri Tsurenkov, Darcy Werenka, Walter Schneider, Christian Cseh,…


January 2013

The tournament schedule is published!


The final tournament schedule has been published.

The tournament will start on Friday, Feb 22, 11:00 and ends on Sunday Feb 24, with the final game at 13:30 right before the Playoff QF-Game of the UPC Vienna Capitals.

Please find further informations at tournament schedule 2013 on this webpage.

December 2012

The Tournament Rooster is complete!

The rooster of the second International tournament of hockey legends is complete. The following teams will compete for the championship:

Färjestad BK (SWE), KAC Old Dragons (AUT), Team Slovakia (SVK), Steaua Bukarest (ROM), Ukko Metsot (FIN), Vienna Veterans (AUT)

The final tournament schedule will be promoted soon.

October 2012

First finish Team registered!

Ukko-Metsot Jyväskylä is the first finih Old-Star-Team that registered to the Tournament. The team around the former Vienna-players Vesa Ponto and Joni Lius is part of the organisation of the actual finnisch champion JYP. It is a mixture of former SM-liga player and players who played around the globe. It will certainly raise the level of the tournament.


June 2012.

First new entry for the Tournament 2013.

The Oldstarteam of Steaua Bukarest, a multiple romanian champion posted its entry to the 2nd International tournament of hockey legends, 2013.

All players of the team have been playing on various international tournaments for the romanian nationalteam and they show a well skilled kind of hockey.



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